Increase Earnings In Get Paid To Programs

Virtually every Get Paid To (GPT) program offers a structure for recruiting others to increase earning potential. This includes get paid to read email, get paid to view ads, get paid to search, get paid to complete offers or surveys and other such programs. Some programs offer as many as six levels upon which you can earn a commission.

When you begin in any GPT program, you start at the most basic level. You are doing all the work yourself: clicking ads, reading emails, or completing offers or surveys. While you will earn money online, there are limitations as to how much you can do. You want to remove those limitations by getting referrals and building rich downlines.

Remember this key point: Multiplication and duplication begin to work in your favor when you get others to sign up to work under you. For example, you can view 5 ads a day in one program, but 50 people can read 250. At 1 cent per view, you will earn $2.50 daily, instead of just 5 cents for your personal views! Now, imagine that you have referrals in more than one program. Or, that you have 500 instead of 50.

To begin recruiting, just start telling people! It sounds obvious, but most people are simply afraid to open their mouths and tell others. Get over that fear. You aren’t selling something. Rather, you are presenting a way to make money online and it does not cost a dime to get started.

The easiest place to begin is with people you know. Grab a notebook and begin to list names. Start with people you are familiar with (classmate, cousin, coworkers) ending with people you may only know by title (cashier, gas station attendant, etc). Just list as many as you can, and continue to add as you get ideas.

You want a way to follow up with each of these people. Tell them you can email them more information and ask for their email. You can send them the link to your program or blog or web page, and have a way to follow up later.

While you are starting at home, your goal is to eventually reach people you do not know, thousands of miles away.

At this point, you should be getting excited and encouraged because you see it really is not all that hard, and people are willing to join.

You are ready for more aggressive promotion, both offline and online. If you have not already done so, set up your email signature to include your referral link or link to your blog or web page. You might make up flyers and distribute them and place some on bulletin boards. Get some business cards made up. A store may allow you to place a business card holder there. You can also staple cards to store bulletin boards. College campuses, pizza parlors, other places younger people hang out are great ideas.

Traffic exchanges are another free way to promote online. Forums are a great way to drive traffic when you use the signature feature. Set up a free blog or web site using Google Blogger or SynthaSite. Both are very easy to use.

As you receive payments, include proofs in your offline and online promotions. Many people are skeptics, so you want to remove that objection right away. Conceal confidential information.

As you receive proceeds from your GPT programs, always invest a portion back into building your business. Some inexpensive ways to advertise include pay to click campaigns (such as Donkeymails), banner impressions, text links, email to double opt-in lists, and purchasing views in traffic exchanges.

Keep in mind that people will start and stop working the program. That is just the nature of the business. You need to continue to promote, both actively and passively. Using articles that link back to your blog or web page is a good example of passive promotion.

Look for solid programs with a good reputation and paying history. You don’t want to invest considerable time only to find the program suddenly disappears. You should also diversify, i.e., don’t just build on one GPT program.

Finally, with more profits being generated, you might begin to use pay per click advertising, such as Bidvertiser or Google, to bring more traffic to your affiliate page, web site or blog.

Continue to mix free and paid promotion and take advantage of the educational resources on the Net. Read daily and increase your fund of knowledge in Internet promotion.

By following these steps and building downlines, you can significantly increase earnings in GPT programs!